2016 July 19

The Calm During the Storm


International Space Station view of hurricane Ivan and the eye of the storm.

Often throughout my life, I've been told that I “radiate calm” or words to that effect, which is typically a good thing. Given the recent circumstances, though, I think there is a concern I may be taking this conceit too far. More than one person has looked at me as if saying, “Shouldn't you be more distraught?” I know this because one of the first people to think so was me.

2016 July 18

An Unwelcome Guest


Microscopic image of pancreatic cancer cells.

Source: Dr. Lance Liotta Laboratory, NCI

Most visitors to this site will likely have heard the news already, but I have pancreatic cancer that has spread to my liver. I don't smoke, I don't drink, and there's not really a history of pancreatic or liver cancer in my family—so this was completely unexpected.

2015 August 5

Whatever Happened to Di Giorgio Corporation?


Certificate of Di Giorgio Fruit Corporation Stock

Christine (Di Giorgio) Timmerman was Di Giorgio Corporation’s treasurer for nearly a decade during the 1980s and is the daughter of Di Giorgio Corporation CEO Robert Di Giorgio. Here she shares the story of Di Giorgio Corporation’s final days.