2015 May 19

Lose Weight And Drive Faster!

World map showing the only 3 countries not using the metric system (U.S., Myanmar, and Liberia).
In the entire world, only 3 countries haven’t formally adopted the metric system as the official measurement system: Myanmar, Liberia, and … the United States. If you agree this is ridiculous, here are some tips to help you make the switch.

2015 May 13

American Schnapsen

Cards from an Austrian schnapsen deck and an American schnapsen deck
Schnapsen is a terrific game. But it’s a tough sell for American audiences, what with the Ace-Ten card order and point values and a number of finicky rules. So here’s a version tailored for American card players.

2015 February 21

Alan Abrams on Passive House

Alan surveys our newly staked lot prior to construction

Alan Abrams, our architect, blogs about passive house and other build and design topics on his website. He also chronicled the construction of our home in a series of posts: